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Agh. Due to my exercise schedule (from after school to after dinner – yeah, that’s basically all I do after school, I’m that cool) and my lack of anyone else in the house or even in the houses around mine, I’ve been unable to get satisfactory outfit photos for… ages. Not that I’ve bought anything new in… sheesh, months – ridiculous, right? but I’m broke and unemployed and distinctly not rich, so… yeah – but still. So.

En lieu of such photos, here’s a bunch of random stuff that’s springish.

The Cherry Blossom Girl by JAK&JIL.

Susie Bubble wearing a Louise Grey bustier thing. Love they grey against the electric blue – or the other way around…

An old sign from a hosiery store (Lismore) by the Sart.

Ondine (a stylist) wearing a bright juicy orange blouse (a color I love for spring and summer and even fall) with Celine pants. By Garance.

Vika Gazinskaya by Hanneli. Love the colors (shoes & headscarf) against the pale coat and skin, and…

her lips! POP! Deep raspberry? Love.

c’est tout… ciao (pour maitenent)

~ r


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…taller, thinner, and blonder, no doubt, but – sunglasses like that? Check. Tiny bun perched atop my head (for sheer simplicity’s sake)? Check. Road bike? Check.

Ha. I wish.
I’m heading to Sal. Army for adventures – I’m “consulting” for my friends’ spanish video – an ANTM spoof – and hey! they need shoes, clothes, a fashionista, and a photog. Bonjour!

~ r

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As I’m still out of commission and filled with busy things to do (that didn’t make sense), here are a few images and a link to tide you over…


Miu Miu lace-up booties. Gorgeous.

Image hébergée par Casimages.com : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

Image hébergée par Casimages.com : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit


Palermo – a gorgeously decaying city on Sicily’s gorgeous coast. Full of inspiration for me lately (partially due to my avid reading of The Godfather and other Puzo-penned works).

…and a link (with some background):

You all have probably heard of Bill Cunningham, Times street photographer extraordinaire. And if you’ve attempted to delve into his personal life at all, you’ve probably found that you can’t. Yes, as is typical with many photogs, Mr. Cunningham infinitely prefers to be behind than lens rather than to be in front of it. Over the course of his Long and Glorious Career, he has established himself as a hermit in New York City. (Relatively speaking). But now, thanks to an entrepaneuring new film maker Mr. Richard Press. It all started – well, read the article.

~ r

PS: Happy Socialism,* United States!
*I exaggerate and mock.

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While I’m still wallowing in a massive post-bronchitis (or maybe I still have it?? who knows) head cold, rather than post pictures of my own fantastic style these days (hark! sweats, hoodies, fuzzy socks, tissues, and hot cider with honey!), I’ll share some of slightly better taste. Photos from Vanessa Jackman.

Jacquelyn Jablonski post-Celine (Celine bag, brand-spanking-new)

Vika Gazinskaya

Ruby Aldridge


Righto. Off to sludge myself through another weary, dreary day of knowledge-infested school. Spring had better be here to stay, or I’m taking off.

~ r

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I’ve neglected posting for a while… just haven’t seem to have the time with school, illness, and college decisions.

~ r

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(and I mean picks, not “pix” – as in, I’ve picked a few of my favourite of his street style pics)

I feel like I should write about him. He looks like a story. … Isn’t it kind of odd how you can look at a picture of a person, a totally random and normal and very real person, and create your own idea of them – you forget that they’re really living over in Milan, or wherever…

If you’re going to do cargo pants, this is the way to do them.

~ r

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Phaawww. I’m still deep in midwinter funk – and snow and slush and ice and wind – and therefore highly unmotivated. I almost wore sweats to school today, it’s that bad. HELP.

I desperately need to go shopping, even just (GASP! blasphemy!) for shoes, but find myself reluctant to venture out. I know the stores won’t have my perfect little semi-bodycon black dress or perfect l/s striped top or deliciously chunkily soft hooded sweater, or That Cape Thing With The Sweet Voluminous Hood That I’ve Been Meaning To [Attempt To] Make For Months…

so I’m having trouble seeing the point to it, you know? I need to work on my winter style, I guess.

Plus writing.

So here’s some stuff I wish I have the motivation/access to do:


Also I need to find my perfect bag – big enough for a notebook/netbook, slouchy but structured, with a long strap and short ones. Hmmmmmm….

I need me some wedges… suede, preferably, with some laceups… smooth cover…

Something velvet… pants or that ruffly blazer I saw in UO about two months ago that’s no longer there…

4347743189 066b62bee5 o  Dire adieu à la neige

Cool new animal jewellery….

nna … someone… (model at Supreme)

Furry things! Though I think it’ll be nearly impossible for me to find my Perfect Bit Of Faux Fur in this world…

And I just like this guy:

Happy Blizzarding! We’re heading to PA tomorrow = seven hour drive = writing (hopefully) and reading The Brothers Karamazov…

~ r

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