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Random linkage… and stuff… This is what happens when Dazed has many, many articles that I like and I end up discovering designers and photogs and models and everything. (Sorry it’s not more thought-out and/or well-written, but I figure this gets you to the cool stuff with minimal interruption from me. That and it would take more time than I have available to do a separate post for all this… haha). Enjoy!

– Vanessa Jackman photography… lots of cool street style (and good photos to boot!)

– Love staying on top of festival attire? This is your place.
– InsideTheTents – insiders’ looks at fashion week, photos and interviews and videos and coverage to your stylish heart’s content. (here)
– Press contacts for various S/S10 designers. (here)
-Discovered designers’ one-line bios:

Martyn Bal: dark gemetrics (Dazed article)

Florencia Kozuch: tribal rock n’ roll is cool.

Ara Jo: UK-based; surrealist disco styles that Gaga and Madonna could easily slip into (though the rest of us poor souls…)

COS: depth and architectural styles, but loose and adaptive.

w r e n: discovered via Style Bubble, I was immediately smitten with Wren’s looks, which are a delightful balance of feminine and edgy.



– Last but not least is this amazing video of Hanneli Mustaparta running around Central Park and playing with Barbie dolls.

Again, sorry for the semi-scatterbrained post, but hey… first day of school and I’m tired and my back hurts and it’s raining. Also I need to do laundry.

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Ah, delving into another world of fashion media is always pleasant, especially when you happen upon unexpected little gems like Glossy Mag – “Where style, celebrity, and pop culture merge”. Run by Style Bazaar, Glossy features trends, celebrity styles and wardrobes, interviews, and – of course – killer editorials. (I must admit, when I first get any magazine, I tend to skim over the first bits and go straight to the eds; I go back and read all the articles later). While I spotted a few grammatical errors (using reigns instead of reins, ‘unluckily’ for unlikely, a random apostrophe after Griffiths… grammar nazi I am), I’ll let the pictures talk… 1000 words, right?





Check it out!

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Patrick Wolf, avant-garde-dressing singer/songwriter, is somewhat of a brilliant dresser, usually channeling a sort of eclectic/punk English vibe. Crazy red/blond/brown (depending on the day, it seems) hair and flamboyant dressing make for an interesting persona, to be sure, and when you add in his romantic-folk-and-pop techno-ish style you get a very unique young man (to say the least). One of the interesting musical aspects (aside from his basically self-created genre)? He incorporates a myriad of instruments, ranging from viola to ukelele to piano. Throw that into a techno sound and see what comes out…




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I came upon e.g. fashion somehow through the interwebs and immediately fell in love with their coats and dresses – the geomerty, the drapes, the neckline, the modernized 80s appeal… take a look! Here are my favourites from A/W ’09.

Draped coat, love.

Silk Taffeta Coat

The coat! The collar! The shape! The cut! Siiiigh. *coat love*

All-in-One Play Suit

I love the shoulders and neck on this coatdress. Mmm, if only I had a few hundred Euros to spare…

Blue Sporty Dress

And this dress – sort of a dark electric blue, with those subtle geometric details! And I love short bodycon dresses with long sleeves – such an 80s vibe, which I love, but done in a non-I’m-stuck-in-the-80s-and-can’t-get-out,-HELP! sort of way.  😛

And this one, I love the print. (And the shoulders, but that goes nearly without saying at this point.)

So yeah. Cool stuff out there to be found, people, you just need to stumble on the right site  🙂

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cool designer – Lauren Jennings. stumbled upon on paper-doll.com.

I want a big comfy sweater right now…

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Yeah, so my last few posts have been highly… sporadic & random, to say the least. Basically anything I’ve found that’s cool, or anything interesting that’s popped up in my feed reader (thank you Google!!) Sometime soon I’ll get around to doing a post with an actual theme, but for now… more sporadic fashion!

I’ll start out with loads (well, maybe not loads, but a good number) of Lookbook and other misc. street style looks, as well as some cool pieces from PixieMarket.


has me thinking: lace corsets


Balance simple + ornate and what do you get? A perfect look, of course!


Has me thinking: crop tops, mesh, sheer, and how I wish I had the face to pull off a short, straight, chic bob. Right now if I did that, from the shoulders up I’d look like a large baby with a frizzy brown curly afro. (!)

Grey Cocoon knit top
Grey Caccoon top, $135 @ PixieMarket. 80’s drapes and capes, oh my!

Squid vicious  SOLD OUT
PixieMarket again. Has me thinking: shreds and non-western-y (much more rocker-y) fringe.

Navy tiered dress
PixieMarket navy tiered dress, $88. Has me thinking: flappers, 60s, floaty frocks. Actually, I think I had a street style shot of someone in this a while ago… maybe…?

Haha, this is my cuz… love the shorts & suspenders. (Don’t mind the socks or shoes or anything else in the outfit, actually…)


I want one of these, even though I almost never use umbrellas (actually, I can’t recall a single time I’ve used one in about the past 6 years, at least…) Maybe I’d use this one… but I think it’s the XC runner in me, we’re trained to run through anything (once we did a workout in a completely open multi-acre field… during a lightning storm, complete with hail). So yeah.

Perfect people, porcelain dolls, makeup skills (or my lack thereof), and 1800s stereotypes of women.


Bow and perfect skin and pale colours complement each other perfectly; I love the subtle hint of mint green the clutch throws into the mix.

Allrighty. In other news, Colbert won the NASA competition for naming Node 3 space module. Read more here. Woot Colbert! (Does anyone else watch that and the Daily Show religiously? …pssh. Silly question. Of course they do.)

Loads of internet space has been devoted to Gossip Girl style. I never pay much heed to it – partially because I don’t really have time to watch TV (gasp! Yes, c’est vrai, I just have time to watch the Daily Show & Colbert – online – while I do abs after my run, and occasionally – if I have a light workload – I’ll flip to AMC or USA to see what’s on. But other than that, I’m a TV hermit.) However, I feel obligated to give some mention to Blair’s Herve Leger bandage dress, which I happen to love.

Herve Leger Women's Strapless Above Knee Dress with Airbrushed Inserts
Snap it up at Bloomingdale’s for a mere $1,590. Plus tax.

Hmm, let’s see, what else… ah yes. I happened upon an article about ELLE’s in-office attire, and consequently stumbled upon what they described as “Pretty much the cashmere cardigan we all want but can never find.” I agree.

ELLE news blog.

Jane of SEA OF SHOES looking ridiculously good in a WOOD WOOD jumpsuit and 60s mirror glasses (WHERE? I’ve been looking for a perfect pair for ages!)

Via The Sart. I didn’t think much of this outfit until I got to the SHOES.

Spring Trend: Drapey short skirts (and drapes in general). Looking for that perfect grey drape skirt? Well, here.

Elizabeth and James drape skirt, $295.

The Look For Less: Ann Demeulemeester lace-up boots/Givenchy leather wedges vs.


The Ann D. version




Zara, Spring ’09 collection. Not sure how much they’ll be – probably in the vicinity of $120-ish – so for sure less than their designer counterparts. Actually, I like these better than the Givenchy ones. Sorry for the crap quality – it was cropped and zoomed.

Shoe I Hate: sneaker heels/wedges/non-sneaker sneakers. Agh. I don’t care if Valentino himself gave them to me, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t wear them.


Via Fabsugar.com

Agh. Various designers and shops above: Chloe, BCBG Girls, and DKNY are among them. Why oh why? (NOTE: I understand that some people love these. Each to his own is my motto.)

“Thank God for the Recession!” of the day: Lauren Conrad’s fashion (and I use the term loosely here) line has been [temporarily?] shut down. Now we can only hope it lasts. I read somewhere that she said she wanted to work with “high quality fabrics” next time around (no, god, no!) – but it’s not the fabric, it’s what she’s doing (or not doing, in this case) with them. A really good designer could make a gorgeous evening gown out of paper. And oh look, so they have. (Except I can’t remember the article with them all… if I remember to, I’ll post it up here later. But you’ve seen them, right?)

Really Cool Designer of the Day: SteveYoni. You’ve seen Susie Bubble (of StyleBubble) sporting his puffy-armed coat… now for more!

Susie’s coat. Sweater? All gorgeous.



*Groan of joy and envy and general Amazing Fashion Syndrome*


Love the creamy colour and the ruffly bib top.
Check out the rest of his collection, it’s really really really really really great. Really.  😀

Not sure why, but this Betsey Johnson // Spring 2009 look – modeled by Regina Feoktistova – just has me.

Idk. I don’t even like it that much – but I do, because I keep going back to it. I think it’s a mixture of the huge skirt and the hat. It’s the sort of hat you’d expect to see paired with, say, a white or light grey loose suit, cigarette dangling from the (Swedish) model’s hand. But nope, it’s on top of Regina’s gorgeous head and with a really, really big-skirted wedding gown-looking dress.

And: really? Fake cracks? Hussein Chalayan, why?


And big (relatively speaking, I guess, and assuming you care) news: Bravo will host a new reality show called NY Prep, which is inspired from none other than Gossip Girl. It will look into the lives of real, live NY prep-school students and see if they wear D&G on a daily basis. (Somehow I doubt it.)

OK, this post is just ridiculous now, so I’m outie. Ciao!

~ r

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From JAK&JIL, a woman roughs it out with a broken N. Kirkwood heel. That’s dedication.

For everything up-to-date, especially when fashion week rolls around, check out The Moment (if you already don’t).

Bernard Chandran

Bernard Chandran

Bernard Chandran

Bernard Chandran

Photos via Fashion156.

Now that is a unique collection, check it out!

Romena Karamanea

Romena Karamanea

Romena Karamanea

Romena Karamanea Backstage

Photos via Fashion156

Outside Richard Niccol

Street Style

Louise Armstrup

Louise Amstrup

All so gorgeously structural!

Louise Amstrup

And more ruffles… but this time, not solely in monochrome!

Emilio de la Morena

Emilio de la Morena

Emilio de la Morena

Emilio de la Morena

Tons of architectural designs at LFW so far, that’s very promising.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, all these pictures are from Fashion156… great site for LFW updates, not necessarily on the big names. Really handy.

AH HA! Finally, Danielle Scutt! (For some reason, I’ve had the hardest time tracking down any photos…)

Danielle Scutt AW 09/10

Danielle Scutt AW 09/10

Love the upper-left hand flame-like neckline; the lower left cape; the lower right dress…

Look du jour:

Richard Nicoll

Richard Niccol // Fall 2009.

OK, I really should go. I still haven’t gotten around to studying history (The Depression, coincidentally.) Ciao!

~ r

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