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You know those boots? Those Chloe boots? The studded, triple-buckle ones that I adore completely and utterly and would maybe consider spending zillions of dollars on? Well, Free People have gone and done me a favour by ripping them off. I know it’s bad form and it’s a knockoff, but at $198, how can you resist? (Except for, umm, not technically having the money, but hey… if I had a job, those babies would be mine right now).



Siiiigh. Shoe heaven.

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For some reason, my post on kimonos from a while back has resurfaced among the general populous – and they’ve been preying on my mind as well recently – so I’m doing a follow-up. Wheee!

In the summer heat – trust me, I just ran in 85 degrees and 80% humidity (Warning: Do Not Try At Home!) – my goal for all my clothes (shoes included) is to achieve maximum coolness, temperature-wise. This means light, light, LIGHT fabric, exposure (to get that summer breeze, doncha know), and airyness. During the day, I usually just throw on short shorts (despite my general love of them, skirts tend to be plain impractical for the sorts of romping I do during the blazing summer days) and a loose tank of some sort. But moving on.
On ridiculously hot days [and their resulting hot summer nights], I also tend to walk around in a sports bra (if I’m not going anywhere, obviously), and sleep in one as well. It’s practical, cool, and comfy, not to mention handy for rolling straight out of bed for those 7 a.m. cross country runs (followed by a blissful dive at the lake with your entire sweaty, whooping XC team. Ah, good times…). However.
In the winter, I snuggle into one of a few thick, warm robes, and I thoroughly enjoy it. My summer alternative: a lightweight kimono. I prefer a very light, thin cotton, as silk can be plain sticky when it’s hot. Perfect for summer nights and lazing in the cool misty morning (not that I get to do that much, with all the runs my coach has scheduled). A few recommendations:

F21, $22.80. Chiffon is light, but this isn’t too summery… although you could easily translate into fall, if you felt so inclined…

Chaudry, $98, edressme.com

Temperley London, $1295, net-a-porter.com

Single Silk kimono tunic
Single, $215, net-a-porter.com

click for zoom
Issa, $539, shopbop.com

click for zoom
Elizabeth and James, $255.50, shopbop.com

click for zoom
Robert Rodriguez, $261.80, shopbop.com

Product Image
Target, $24.99. Basic.

Product Image
Target, $16.99

You may need to search a bit to find your perfect kimono, especially depending on what type you want. They’re not super popular this season, unfortunately, but that’s not stopping me!
Enjoy  🙂

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Mmm, yeah. Once more, F21 has ripped off a hit item.

F21, $27

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Two really bad knockoffs: Bebe and Bakers Footwear.

caged heel adventures.jpg

Bebe vs. YSL. Gee, which one’s real?


Bakers. It’s just not the same… but if you really, really want a vaguely-resembling-the-chicest-YSL-shoe-in-a-while, get it here for $80.

(I don’t recommend it. No one will think it’s the real thing… it’s the insanely amazing caged heel that does it.)

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So the plan was to hit the mall again today (with a different group of friends), but those plans were cruelly forced to grind to a halt due to…


On spring break. In April. Really, Michigan? Must you do this to us? Grrrrrr.

Anyway, look for less: those Marc for LV Spice heels (Spring ’09). The exotic beaded and feathered wonders now have a (cheaper!) look-alike at Bebe (except they have leopard print, which I really don’t like, but hey.)

Louis Vuitton Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear
from Style.com. You just can’t beat the real deal.


$149, Bebe. [Katrin Leather Exotic Sandal]

…Nope, just not the same. But you get the same general look.

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Haha, quite possibly the most random post ever. I’ll start with Obama’s visits abroad: England and Russia. England was important – meeting the Queen and all that – and it was quite a different experience than his last trip there.

“Mr. Obama walked through the famous doorway for the first time less than four years ago. A dozen reporters were on hand that afternoon in August 2005, at least half of whom were waiting for someone else. After speaking for a moment, Mr. Obama climbed into a white van, along with the rest of a Congressional delegation, and was soon walking through the streets of London alone, on his way to meet his older sister for dinner.

When Mr. Obama came back last summer for a Downing Street appearance on the final leg of an overseas campaign trip, the pack of journalists had swelled by a few hundred. The tabloid reporters, along with adoring crowds, screamed his name.”


“The first year: Russia, Ukraine and a quick stop in London. He played the role of political understudy to Senator Richard Lugar, Republican of Indiana, for his annual inspection of nuclear weapons sites in the former Soviet Union. (It was on this trip that Mr. Obama learned a lesson in the art of patient diplomacy, when the senators were detained for several hours in the city of Perm, about 500 miles outside Moscow. Mr. Lugar let his staff do the arguing as he settled into an easy chair to wait. Mr. Obama quickly followed suit, taking a nap on a couch nearby.)”  [both, NYT]

Obama & Michelle with the PM (Gordon Brown) & his wife, Sarah.

The Obamas with the Queen and Prince AISfjlIJIsfs. (Haha, most people get their pictures taken with Big Ben or Parliment… not for Obama. He heads straight for the big one. Cheese!)

Anyway, current trip: went well. He presented her with (drumroll please!): an iPod, presumably loaded with (symbolic?) songs and photos. Oooooook. Then again, who really cares?
More important things to attend to, such as… umm… Russia? Establishing semi-cordial relations with them? Just in case North Korea or Pakistan or anyone decides to randomly start another Cold War. Agh.

Obama and Russian President Dmitri A. Medvedev.

While recognizing (briefly) that the two countries still had obvious disputes (US’s ‘need’ for a missile base in Eastern Europe, for example, which they are firmly opposed to), the two leaders stressed their similarities, their want/need for cooperation, and a general “hey-let’s-be-friends-and-not-kill-each-other-in-these-first-‘get-to-know-you’-meetings-like-all-the-other-Presidents-and-Russian-leaders-did”. (Deep breath.) They released this joint statement:

““We, the leaders of Russia and the United States, are ready to move beyond cold war mentalities,” the two men said in the statement. “In just a few months we have worked hard to establish a new tone in our relations. Now it is time to get down to business and translate our warm words into actual achievements of benefit to Russia, the United States and all those around the world interested in peace and prosperity.”” NYT.

So… yeah.

On the downside: “Missile Strike Said to Kill 10 in Pakistan”. Crap.
“PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Missiles fired from what was believed to be an American drone struck a militant training camp in northwest Pakistan on Wednesday, killing at least 10 people in an attack apparently aimed at one of the area’s most important Taliban leaders, Hakimullah Mehsud, according to news reports, militants and an intelligence official.

“We wholeheartedly take responsibility for this attack and will carry out more such attacks in the future,” Baitullah Mehsud said Tuesday, according to Reuters.

“It’s revenge for the drone attacks on Pakistan,” he said. Without elaborating, he also claimed to be planning an attack on Washington. ”

[NYT]. Super dooper, guys. Fantastic. If another Cold War breaks out, I’m moving north… try very high up Canada or Greenland or something. Silly people, why can’t we all just get along… ‘Why can’t we be friends?’ as that song says. And no, I’m not sure which song it is exactly.

Haha, I’m staying up late tonight. And the funny thing is, I didn’t run after school today – I stayed home and watched Patton (about General Patton in WWII – it’s really good, if a little long. But hey, it provides ample time to get history, biology, Am Lit, and bits of math done!) and did homework, but it’s still not done. Oh well. Where was I? Oh, Patton. Interesting guy, cool movie. I swear, instead of history classes there should be AMC 101. Wouldn’t that be great?

Hmm, what was next? Russian lit? Ok. Well, all this thinking about the Cold War etc. got me thinking, so I did some Wiki-ing (?) and eventually ended up at the page for Toedosvsky’s The Idiot, which has been on my reading list for some time now. (I first saw it in 8th grade – err, the summer after, actually, but I digress – on my grandma’s shelf, among a few hundred-odd works of Great, Classic Literature From Many Countries. She’s an English teacher. Where was I? Again. Anyway, I read the plot summary – I won’t give it away here, but here – and decided to give it a whirl. It’s a mere 696 pages, how hard can it be? But it’s not written in that 18th-century olde English, it was in… 1898, I think? So it’s a fairly easy read. Relatively speaking, of course. All those Russian authors tend to be… well, long and a bit wordy. But generally just long. Not like some other classics I’ve read… Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice, and Wuthering Heights were all good, they just dragged on a bit in the middle. Good plots, though. Great Expectations: good plot, good story, but holy CRAP, how long can you complain about your job for? From what I recollect – I read it in 8th or 9th grade, I think – that’s what the vast majority of the book was: a few hundred pages of him whining about work. Eh, it was Dickens, what do you expect? His works always seem a bit dismal to me. I know everyone says they want to read all the “classics,” but I really do. Everything from Tolstoy to Twain, Austen to… I can’t think of an author starting with a Z. Oh well, you get my point. I love reading. And oh, Old Man & the Sea? SparkNotes for that should be illegal, it’s what, 70 pages? Come on, people. And am I still in a parenthese here? I think so. Maybe it’s time to move on, now that you’ve gotten a paragraph of me rambling about literature. Maybe I should just be an English major. Except I’d hate working at McDonald’s. Ok, moving on.)

Keeping with classic stuff: opera. Funiculi Funicula in particular. We’re playing it in band and it’s been stuck in my head for days. I can’t seem to find a purely instrumental recording anywhere. Help!

Erm… what else? I s’pose it’s time for fashion. Two spring trends: one-shouldered dresses and turbans & headscarves.

One-shoulder: doesn’t have to be totally 80s. Au contraire.

Mike & Chris Roger Dress - Click Image to Close

Mike & Chris, $136, here. See? Adding in little elements of masculinity here and there, and in a dark grey. Mmm.

Full Size Image

Notte by Marchesa gown, $880, NetaPorter.com. Glittery gown.

Full Size Image

Marc by Marc dress, $370, NetaPorter.com again. A little different approach to the girly vibe.

Full Size Image

McQ, $620, same. Floaty and sort of punky. Grey again.

And of course, Balmain’s hot-pink-and-glitter take had to make an appearance. Seems that and the famous Band Jacket have taken the world by storm. Mmm, lucky us!

Balmain Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear
Magdalena Frakowiak. Balmain // Spring 2009. Now this is 80s and rock and totally hot.

Ok, turbans: just fast. And hey, it’s a fast & easy & chic way to spice up an otherwise plain outfit. Try it!

Via Garance Dore. Love how bright it is!

Basic patterned headscarf.

Ehh, I’d lose the glasses, but love the turban.

And oh, my April Fool’s Day prank? I wore flats to school en lieu of my standard minimum-3.5″ers.  😛


~ r

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…and so begins our quest for the perfect Valentine’s day – or V-day, for short (not the WWII version, of course… more like V-Day, US edition!)


Right off the bat, you think of red and pink, right? Right. But you certainly don’t need to do, say, an all-over-heart-print jumpsuit and dye your hair red.

That would just be weird.

Instead, opt for mixing pieces of red and/or (personal preference if you like them together; personally, I don’t mind) with light neutrals such as white, silver (scarves & shoes & jewellry, I’m referring to. Don’t take that as an excuse to wear silver pants. Please.), grey, & denim. If you go denim, I’d go darker – light denim with red & pinks can look a bit off. So basically, don’t go overboard – for you, for me, and for the sakes of all those around you!

So this post will cover the basics (mostly dresses), and the next few will get into the more detailed stuff. Ha ha, this is Intro to Valentine’s Dressing 101. So welcome to class.

Anyway… I’ll start with dresses!

If you live somewhere like I do (read: cold), dresses can prove to be a bit tricky in February. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT WEAR WHITE TIGHTS UNDER A RED/PINK DRESS! You have been warned. Unless you’re intentionally going for a “look-I’m-6-and-cute-and-playing-dress-up!” look, white tights + red dress = *cringe*worthy.

Good dresses: comfortable for you (pick by what you like & how you feel in it, don’t necessarily go by the book/follow trends exactly. That’s so uncreative.). Also, be sure to watch cleavage… while a little something special is good for V-Day, you don’t want people dropping dollar bills down the front of your dress (I hope…) As for colour/print, splashes of colour or a solid are optimal; florals add a nice spring-y touch to an otherwise very, very, VERY wintery holiday. Brrr. (Our heat wave is ending, it was only 35 today when I ran. Grumble grumble grumble…) If you do an all-white dress – which can be very romantic and Valentine’s-y – be sure to accentuate with plenty of red (don’t forget red lips!). Romantic is, of course, the key word. Flirty too.

OK, rather than keeping talking, I’m just going to show you… starting off with a few runway looks, then taking it to the [realistic] consumer level. Starting with those amazing Fendi flowered frocks from Spring… love!

Both, Fendi // Spring 2009. Notice: red shoes (and red belt in the background, paired with a girly pale pink frock). The hair & makeup on these is very dramatic – if you want to combat/balance out a very girly dress, you can do a dramatic smoky eye and a more sexy hairdo. (Girly dress + curls = very very… cute. Not necessarily sexy, which is what we aim for. Sexy is what we aim for.  :P)

Monique Lhuillier // Pre-Fall 2009. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this for the first time just now; I don’t know if it was the colour, the shoulder strap, the bustley skirt… but I am in love. Who needs boys when you have dresses like this?

If you’re not in a hot pink mood, there’s always the alternative pale pink, which tends to have a much softer feel to it (especially if it’s a delicate fabric).

Christian Dior // Spring 2009. I highly doubt any of you can get your hands on this… but hey, it’s pale pink and pretty, so why not?

But here’s another pale pink option…

Marchesa Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear

Marchesa // Spring 2009. Love the wrapping and the… bulges? Bunches? Bouquets? on the hips.

…or a plummy pinkish hue:

Donna Karan // Pre-Fall 2009. Definitely a plum/rose colour… I have to find some fabric this colour soon! Great if you want to stand out in a crowd.

You’ve noticed that most of these are more loose & flowy & floaty than bandage… simply because unless you’re a stick, it can be tricky to pull off a bright red bandage dress… That and the fact that they’re more hot/sexy than romantic/sexy… Hmm, maybe it’s just my opinion. You?

Anyway, moving on… sort of… to white & red dresses. What can I say? Lady in red = stunning. Woman in white = gorgeous. You pick.

Monique Lhuillier // Pre-Fall 2009. OK, Monique Lhuillier is officially on my favourites list. Gorgeous gowns galore! As for this dress, again with the one-shouldered look and a full-ish skirt… Classic & elegant & gorgeous. What more can I say?

J. Mendel // Pre-Fall 2009. One shouldered is a huge trend for PF/Fall. Yesss, finally!  🙂  This dress has a sleeker silhouette and is just as gorgeously radiantly stunningly beautifully goddesslike. Interesting buckle detail at the waist that gathers the fabric in…

Christian Dior // Spring 2009. Want dramatic? Go Dior.

Anne Valerie Hash // Spring 2009. Love the beading detail and the slightly flapper-esque feel this gown has… Another thing: floor-length is gorgeous, but may not be the most convenient/appropriate cut; shorter (but not too short: too short can quickly go Skankaholic on you) is easier to deal with, especially when traipsing around Paris for a romantic evening. (Because I would totally know.)

Red dress time!

Oscar de la Renta // Pre-Fall 2009. Colourblocked floor-length crumpled silk with a huge flower at the waist? YES.

Reem Acra // Pre-Fall 2009. A simpler look, not as shiny or HELLO WORLD!, but still very classic & elegant. Love the neckline on this one.

Reem Acra // Pre-Fall 2009. Another RA gown; this one has that sheen, but is in a deeper colour than the OdlR. Really lovely and – importantly! – sexy, yet sort of soft. But not too soft.

Christian Dior // Spring 2009 Couture. Again with the drama – I mean, I love the dress to death, but realistically, can you see yourself wearing this out to eat? Nope. But look at the colour – sort of a classic red, maybe a little deeper. One of my favourite V-Day colours.

Armani Prive // Spring 2009. Almost a sporty look in this slim, shimmery (a bit) Armani gown. A more coral-y pinkish red… most women can wear this sort of colour pretty well. (NOTE: everyone can wear coral!)

OK, moving on to the shopping portion (yay!). Dresses for all ranges & ages.

style #301989801 fuschia silk beaded halter dress

Badgley Mischka // Bluefly.com, $595

style #302119301 poppy silk beaded halter gown

Carmen Marc Valvo // Bluefly.com, $555

macys-dressMacy’s, $158. Like the neckline on this one.

If you’re on a really tight budget, this $15 F21 dress will do the trick… pair it with some lace tights, heels, and killer jewelery and you’re set.  😛

F21, $30

JS Boutique One Shoulder Ruched Jersey Gown

JS Boutique // Nordstrom, $178. Jersey for a more casual look; has the one-shouldered look.

robert-rodriguez-dressSort of fun and flirty, this Robert Rodriguez ($539, Shopbop.com) dress is great for a casual V-Day get-together.

Alex Evenings One Shoulder Burnout Gown

A white dress! Nordstrom, $184

OK… if I find more dresses, I’ll let you know. Trust me.

Next: shoes! (I think. Might change. Stay in tune. Don’t touch that remote!…)

Look du jour:

Peter Som Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear

Peter Som // Pre-Fall 2009. I like this coat, it seems to have a sort of Russian air to it. And you know by now how much I love that… for some reason…

A demain!

~ r

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