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No, it’s not the next big blockbuster (think Ocean’s 13… how crazy would Ocean’s 100 be??) Weardrobe’s complied a list of their top 100 bloggers… check it! All the lovely ladies who made it, congrats!

Also, I’d like to point out that today is another binary day – 26. Yes, I come from a family of engineers and scientists. It’s great.  😛

PLUS! What I Wore made a handy-dandy, nifty site called Vintage Where? It’s a map of the US. You click on your state and oh look, about ten vintage stores are listed for your convenience! Fantastic!

Vintage Stores in America

Ah, so much homework left to do, still… I guess putting off my paper until today wasn’t a good idea… oh well. C’est la vie.

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A while back, I saw (in some magazine, now sadly forgotten) a model sitting against a wall, wearing track pants and heels and for some reason loved it. Now sweats + heels is making a major appearance on a few fashion-forward ladies who crave chic comfort. On the runway and the street, sweats are back. (Paired with a jacket and heels, of course, but still!)

How to wear: sweats + heels + a basic top + either a fitted jacket, a loose blazer, or a fur vest… anything, really. That’s what’s so great about this look: it’s so ridiculously versatile!

Rag & Bone Resort 2010
Yulia Kharlaponova
There’s Rag&Bone’s Resort 2010 line, with its slim chic sweats, rough boots, jackets, and… headscarves? But hey, it works. Me ❤

Then Isabel Marant, in both S/S09 and A/W09.


Isabel Marant Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear
If you ignore the top half (which I don’t like), the sweats are great. (The boots too).

And on the street…

no sweat.


Mag-netic Electric


And I believe Refinery29 had an article on sweats’ comeback… ah yes, here.

Now, where do you find the perfectly chic sweats?

F21, $16.50

UO, $38

Alloy.com, $27

James Perse Old School Fleece Pants
If you feel like springing for these James Perse fleece sweats, have at it. $125, shopbop.com

Monrow Vintage Sweatpants with Zipper
Although if you’re going to spend, I’d opt for these Monrow sweats. $132, shopbop.com.

So there you have it. If I ever manage to locate that editorial, I’ll stick it on here. But for now, ciao!

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A few collages, inspiration and actual stuff… Sorry they’re so small, my interwebs are being difficult.

fall09 inspiration cell-resize


fall09 collageresize

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You know those boots? Those Chloe boots? The studded, triple-buckle ones that I adore completely and utterly and would maybe consider spending zillions of dollars on? Well, Free People have gone and done me a favour by ripping them off. I know it’s bad form and it’s a knockoff, but at $198, how can you resist? (Except for, umm, not technically having the money, but hey… if I had a job, those babies would be mine right now).



Siiiigh. Shoe heaven.

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Yeah, I took four showers today: it was 98 and about 1,000,000% humidity. I am not at all ashamed to say that I spent my entire day inside, save for floating listlessly in our crowded – but chilly – lake for about three hours, the only reprieve from the heat. Our A/C broke, so now we have our windows open – it’s down to 73 now, woohoo! Tornado warning = best game of Monopoly (best game EVER) in the basement… it degraded from a four-person, all-rules game to a two-person (me and Jesse) moneyfest. I ended up with all the $5 millions, it was great. I also spent a lot of time today thinking about my fall wardrobe and my inspiration, what eras and trends I want to pull from. I’ve come up with:

40s slouchy femme suits and elegant gloves
60s/70s earthiness
80s shoulders, shapes, and brights
90s floral dresses and grunge looks
20s playful lingerie looks (silk boyshorts, pink corsets, etc.)
Victorian England (details – lace, rich colours, a few frills here and there)
…and the like. I’ve gotten a renewed passion for learning to sew, as I’ve about four notebooks filled with sketches of The Perfect _____ (slouchy coat, bubble skirt, busiter, etc.) Hmm. That and I’ve got to make my homecoming dress… electric blue chiffon and something else, body-hugging, with crisscrossy top and back and drapes on the skirt. Mmmm.

Oh! Ordered my shoes today, very excited…


But they ran out of this one in blue, so I had to opt for black instead… devestated, I was…

lace up cut-out suede bootie 37252-BLACK

Sigh. The blue would’ve been heavenly… Oh well. I’m out – helping out at our church’s rummage sale tomorrow morning (hope I’ll find some good vintage stuff, you never know…) Ciao!

~ r

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We all know and live with the fact that the fall shows occur months and months before we can actually pull on those chunky knits or those thigh-high charcoal grey suede boots or that slouchy, camel oversize trench, but we can’t help but imagine ourselves striding around in the golden autumn colours in our funky tights and long gloves while it’s still 85 degrees and insanely humid outside. I tend to ensconce myself in the season I’m currently in, putting off my fall shopping until it’s a cold, hard fact that summer is ending. This year, though, I’ve been trying to think about exactly what pieces I’ll actually purchase, as opposed to endlessly (and futilely) perusing the runways, dreaming of Stella McCartney thighhighs and Givenchy 7-inch platform booties.

Unfortunately (in my mind), I am still a student, stuck in the mindless drag of high school; it’s a waste of time – I think high school should be two years max, for a basic grounding of general knowledge, but I’ll get to that later. My budget is limited, my pieces need to be versatile, and my parents think any shoe that’s not a running shoe is weird. (They tend to observe my fashion jaunts with a sort of disturbed, distanced amusement; my friends know me and tend to think, ‘Oh, ok, it’s Becca’; people who don’t know me think I’m a freak, wearing skirts and heels to school).
As I said, my pieces need to be versatile – able to be worn lightly for the earliest fall days (still summer, really) and easily transition to the chilliest fall evenings. Another element I look for is comfort; I’m always fond of knits in any shape or form; anything soft is good (unless it’s heinous, but that’s a given). It needs to be semi-practical: I’m either sitting around (ok, slouching most of the time) or striding briskly in narrow hallways filled with slow-moving, oblivious teenagers. (I’m not frustrated at all…) (Sarcasm…) I tend to gravitate towards basics that can be reworked quickly and stylishly, combined and mixed so that people ask if I ever wear the same outfit. (I do, they just don’t pay that much attention). Thus, I bring you…

my fall essentials.
[also, for the record, trends I like: sculpted shoulders, full skirts, harem pants, oxfords, architectural heels, one-pieces (worn correctly),

Bottoms: skirts are good (although it’s difficult for me to remember to sit “ladylike”-ly, so I usually throw on my spandex); pants are good (no explaination needed); jeans are ok, used sparingly. I’m primarily looking at a few pieces…

1. Knit harem pants: comfy, loose, and interchangable (is that the right word?); they’re like sweats, but chic!
Cheap: F21, $20

Mid-range: AA, $40

2. Cropped trousers: easy to wear and put together, but they look infinitely better than jeans. Wear with heels or oxfords, either way is guarenteed to look polished.

Mid-range: UO, $48

3. Tulip skirt: basic, comfy, and versatile; wear with strappy sandals, funky flats or chic booties – add some socks for extra flair.
Cheap: UO, $20

Mid-range: UO, $48 [this has a bit more shape and structure to it; more drapes…

4. Full and/or pleated short: simple. (Must be finger-length for school, though, which is a major feat to work…)
Cheap: UO, $20. Although these probably aren’t within the finger-length guidelines… Maybe I can get off with really tall socks under, or tights… hmm. Or just get in trouble  😉

F21, $20

[Also try bubble shorts, they’re fun… F21, $30]

5. Trench: …yeah. (I love Emma Watson’s Burberry campaign!)
Cheap: F21, $30. Not bad, actually…

Mid-range: London Fog, $110, macys.com – a classic

Haha-I-Wish-Range: Burberry, $1595

6. Jeans: I’m looking at traditional levi’s boyfriend jeans and/or some sort of white denim.
Urban Outfitters, $

UO, $30

7. The Perfect Loose-But-Fitted, Cool-Shoulders Blazer: Ideally, a Balmain would be in my hands this minute. However, this is real life, so I’m looking at Urban Outfitters and down, basically. An unfortunate reality, but it’s the only one I’ve got (I ran out of hallucinogenics a couple days ago). …(I’m kidding). Anyway, I’m talking about The Blazer: the one you can pair with pants or jeans or cinch over a skirt or throw on with harem pants and a loose tank. The Blazer.

UO, $78

UO, $58

Ah, and vests… I have a thing about vests. I like them, but sometimes I have trouble envisioning myself wearing them. And no, I’m not talking about a denim vest of any type, colour, trend, shape, etc. I do not endorse denim in anything but jeans and shorts – miniskirts included. Miniskirts especially. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been exposed to too many not-so-skinny girls parading around in ripped, shredded, torn, splattered, very mini minis with their cutoff leggings and Uggs. Uggghhhhh.
Anyway, vests. I want to find one, someday (or end up making it myself), that’s perfect: double-breasted; cream, charcoal, or black; sort of a low, swooping neckline; folded over lapels; fitted. Throw on a full skirt and thigh-highs and gloves (and oh, maybe a shirt too, haha) and you’ve got my ideal fall outfit. Maybe a feathered skirt (I prefer ostrich).
This is sort of what I mean… but the cut I want is longer, the neckline deeper (more of a U-neck or boatneck, almost), and it needs to actually have shoulders… hmm. Maybe it’s more of a sleeveless jacket than a vest…

F21, $32

And oooh, wouldn’t a cape be nice? For fall? All swishy and draped and dramatic? Mmm, yes…

8. SHOES: ah, the big one. Due to my narrow budget, I’m looking at mainly a beige architectural heel, a grey suede cutout MaryJane-type bootie, a basic bootie, and probably/hopefully/maybe? a wide-shaft, knee-high boot. (There’s no way in hell my parents would let me sport even the most modest thigh-high… understated grey suede is my preference).


$26, gojane.com


$22, gojane.com


$24, gojane.com

Black Peep Toe Platform Bootie Pump

$25, amiclubwear.com.

Tan Lace up Cuffed Collar Ankle Boots Heel Booties

$21, amiclubwear.com

Black Suede Platform Knee High Stacked Boot

$28, amiclubwear.com

You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned tops much at all. It’s a weird thing I have, my relationship with tops of all sorts. I never know until I put it on in the store and take into account every aspect of it: colour, shape, texture, swing, how it lays, how it’ll look with various other articles of clothing I own; I buy tops last, usually, depending on which skirts in particular I’ve bought, which pant I ended up with… In short, I’m leaving tops out of this – for now. I’ll be looking for a mix of loose basics and more statement-y shirts. Dolman sleeves are good, silky is good, vintage rock tees are good (Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are top on my list – I usually don’t venture into the t-shirts area, but I think I’ll go wild this year and wear some. Maybe). Sweaters with cool shoulders are good. I want to find a cardigan with rounded shoulders. I need some type of lace shirt – I’m thinking a nude, longsleeved number with a navy or burgundy flower brooch. A bustier – not too risque (it is school, after all).

Ok, I think that’s a wrap… for now. I’ll do a separate post on accessories (gloves, bib necklaces, and cuffs…) later. Right now, it’s French Toast time. Yummm. All that brown-sugary goodness, warm and oozy… Yes, it’s one of my guilty pleasures. Food is, actually.

~ r

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Please buy me these now, 9.5, $695 at http://www.net-a-porter.com. I will love you forever.

Chloé Suede lace-up ankle boot Chloé Suede lace-up ankle boot

I am serious.

~ r

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