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I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon cleaning my room – organizing shelves, shuffling shoes, putting up sarongs en lieu of curtains, you know – spring cleaning.  🙂  But I needed music… so I chose Poison… and I’ve been listening to this song over and over for a few days. I like it – a mix of almost-country-folk (in the lyrics) and classic Poison guitar and hair and the like.

A comment on one of their videos said “This is the gayest group of straight guys ever.” In some cases, I’m bound to agree. I mean, they’re wearing more lipstick, blush, and eyeliner than most girls. Then again – they were the 80s.

Happy Thursday!

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Love the 80s…

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Just saw this on style.com:
“12 reason why 2010 will be great” (or something). No. 1: “it can’t be worse than 2009”.
You’d like to think that, but who knows? Just kidding. I’m an optimist – a realistic optimist, I suppose. A reluctantly grounded optimist. But I digress.

I have found myself without much inspiration of late – perhaps brought on by the persistently disgustingly frigid, frozen, windswept, freezingly burningly icily cold weather that has been ravaging the distant land known as Antarctica. Oh wait, I’m in Michigan. It’s a moot point at this junction, I feel. Back to inspiration.

I haven’t had much of it – in editorials, blogs, books… nada. Then I rediscovered the wonderful world of obscenely sequins, too-tight leather, big makeup and bigger hair. Yes, I’m talking about the 80s, and not the so-called 80s fashion revival that has come (and gone? Not quite yet.) I mean the real McCoy. I love – love – watching all those 80s music videos: Poison, Autograph, GNR, Def Lep, you name it (as long as it’s good). I can do anything from Iron Maiden to Bon Jovi to U2 (yeah, they were 80s too). And we can’t forget AC/DC, can we? No, ‘twould be sacrilege. I think that’s the first time AC/DC, ‘twould, and sacrilege have been used in the same sentence, ever.

Ah, the ostentatiousocity of it all. What a decade. Not that I was there.

I feel like I just need to get my act (and wardrobe) together and face the winter chicly, you know, not just boots + jeans + cute layers + scarf/ves + MASSIVE earring + no less than 4 rings, always. Rings are my thing, very much so. I have about twenty and I love them all.   🙂

So, aside from the 80s, what have I been looking at? (to end inappropriately with a preposition).

The always stylish Jane… I wish I could do the whole tights-shorts thing, but it’s just not feasible up here.  :/

Karla’s YSLs… love the shape up the heel and platform.

Rings and simplicity (and beauty) at HautePursuit.


kind of 20s-esque (though not quite as boyish as was popular then), demurely sexy.

Louise Ebel Pandora

For a while now I’ve had an image in my mind of the perfect caplet/coat… thing. With a huge, cosy hood for hiding and snuggling, a swishy fun short capelet and some sweet vintage buttons down the front… mmm. Still have to make it, though.  :/


This coat on ModCloth caught my eye, primarily for the capelet – screams Victorian era! at me, which I love. At $140, though…  :/

I’ll do a proper inspiration collage sometime soon… for now, though, chem and nomenclature call my name. UGH.

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Patrick Wolf, avant-garde-dressing singer/songwriter, is somewhat of a brilliant dresser, usually channeling a sort of eclectic/punk English vibe. Crazy red/blond/brown (depending on the day, it seems) hair and flamboyant dressing make for an interesting persona, to be sure, and when you add in his romantic-folk-and-pop techno-ish style you get a very unique young man (to say the least). One of the interesting musical aspects (aside from his basically self-created genre)? He incorporates a myriad of instruments, ranging from viola to ukelele to piano. Throw that into a techno sound and see what comes out…




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 Natasha Khan was on VOGUE’s Neo-Hippie’s slideshow (right), so I decided to check out her band, Bat for Lashes. I love it – it has such a unique sound: part 60s psychedelic, part middle eastern sitar-esque sounds, part floaty vocals, all cool. Here are two of my favourites (so far), Prescilla and What’s A Girl To Do?


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This came on Pandora today while we were painting the porch, and I’m pretty sure it’s my new favourite song…

Gather ’round, ye lads and lasses, set ye for a while
And hearken to me mournful tale about the Emerald Isle
Let’s all raise our glasses high to friends and family gone
And lift our voices in another Irish drinking song

Consumption took me mother and me father got the pox
Me brother drank the whiskey ’til he wound up in a box
My other brother in the Troubles met with his demise
My sister has forever closed her smiling Irish eyes

Now everybody’s died
So until our tears are dried
We’ll drink and drink and drink and drink,
and then we’ll drink some more
We’ll dance and sing and fight
until the early morning light
Then we’ll throw up, pass out, wake up, and then go drinking once again

Kenny was killed in Kilkenny and Claire, she died in Clare
Tip from Tipperary died out in the Derry air
Shannon jumped into the River Shannon back in June
Ernie fell into the Erne, and Tom is in the Toome

“Cleanliness is godliness” me Uncle Pat would sing
He broke his neck a’slippin’ on a bar of Irish Spring
O’Grady, he was 80 though his bride was just a pup
He died upon the honeymoon when she got his Irish up


Joe Murphy fought with Reilly near the banks of old Doneen
He took out his shillelagh and he stabbed him in the spleen
Crazy Uncle Mike believed he was a leprechaun –
In fact he’s just a leper, and his arms and legs are gone

When Timmy Johnson broke his neck it was a cryin’ shame
He wasn’t really Irish, but he went to Notre Dame
McNamara crossed the street and by a bus was hit
But he was just a Scotsman, so nobody gave a (ARRGHH)


Me drunken Uncle Brendan tried to drive home from the bar
The road rose up to meet him when he fell out of his car
Irony was what befell my great-grand Uncle Sam
He choked upon the very last potato in the land

Conor lived in Ulster town, he used to smuggle arms
Until the British killed him and cut off his lucky charms
And dear old Father Flanagan, who left the lord’s employ
Drunk on sacramental wine, beneath the altar boy



Someday soon I’ll leave this world of pain and toil and sin
The Lord will take me by the hand to join all of me kin
Me only wish is when the Savior comes for me and you

(a tempo)

He kills the cast of Riverdance, and Michael Flatley too


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Amazing song. It makes you think (or it does me, anyway) – it’s so true. People always talk about how terrible the world is and how we’re all screwed; blame flies, fingers are pointed, but really, it’s always been this way and always will be. That’s not saying we should be apathetic – just the opposite, actually. If we just stand by, the world really will go to hell. I mean, look at Iran: they could’ve sat around and grumbled about their screwed-up government, but they took to the streets to get results. Now, I’m not suggesting that everyone takes to the streets armed and dangerous, but we need to do something – not sit around and not care about current events – to take a stand. The Iraq & Afghanistan wars are just so ridiculously reminiscient of Vietnam that I don’t see how people can’t see that. If they see that, surely people will look and see and say, “Oh, hmm, that didn’t turn out so well… maybe we shouldn’t…?” But to get to that stage, people need to be aware of the outside world and care and actually have opinions. Oh look, there I go again.

“We didn’t start the fire, no we didn’t light it, but we tried to fight it…”

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