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(and I mean picks, not “pix” – as in, I’ve picked a few of my favourite of his street style pics)

I feel like I should write about him. He looks like a story. … Isn’t it kind of odd how you can look at a picture of a person, a totally random and normal and very real person, and create your own idea of them – you forget that they’re really living over in Milan, or wherever…

If you’re going to do cargo pants, this is the way to do them.

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Phaawww. I’m still deep in midwinter funk – and snow and slush and ice and wind – and therefore highly unmotivated. I almost wore sweats to school today, it’s that bad. HELP.

I desperately need to go shopping, even just (GASP! blasphemy!) for shoes, but find myself reluctant to venture out. I know the stores won’t have my perfect little semi-bodycon black dress or perfect l/s striped top or deliciously chunkily soft hooded sweater, or That Cape Thing With The Sweet Voluminous Hood That I’ve Been Meaning To [Attempt To] Make For Months…

so I’m having trouble seeing the point to it, you know? I need to work on my winter style, I guess.

Plus writing.

So here’s some stuff I wish I have the motivation/access to do:


Also I need to find my perfect bag – big enough for a notebook/netbook, slouchy but structured, with a long strap and short ones. Hmmmmmm….

I need me some wedges… suede, preferably, with some laceups… smooth cover…

Something velvet… pants or that ruffly blazer I saw in UO about two months ago that’s no longer there…

4347743189 066b62bee5 o  Dire adieu à la neige

Cool new animal jewellery….

nna … someone… (model at Supreme)

Furry things! Though I think it’ll be nearly impossible for me to find my Perfect Bit Of Faux Fur in this world…

And I just like this guy:

Happy Blizzarding! We’re heading to PA tomorrow = seven hour drive = writing (hopefully) and reading The Brothers Karamazov…

~ r

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I had a whole post planned out, but due to a nearly two-inch long raised gash on my head (stitches may be required, but we haven’t bothered with the doc yet) from standing up directly into a metal locker door at about 50 mph (OW) and a resulting tumble + blackout (or maybe I just closed my eyes – I can’t remember), I’ve sustained a frontal headache for about five hours now. This makes concentrating rather difficult. So, courtesy of Vanessa Jackman and the Sart, respectively, I give you my inspiration for today:

Vogue UK’s Emma Elwick (Market Editor)


Pitti Uomo

This guy makes me want to write a short story. Maybe I will.

~ r

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We’ve had some very fallish weather the last two or three days, and I’ve liked it. Today I had a little mini-shoot with my brother…

jesse-01 by you.

jesse-02 by you.
^ that’s my favourite, I think ^

DSC_0061resize by you.

quelle heur est-il? by you.

DSC_0199resize by you.

DSC_0156resize by you.

DSC_0214resize by you.

on me: dress/ON, top/ON, hat/target, shoes/gojane, glasses/F21, necklace/vint, socks/target.
on jesse: tee/?, pants/ON, glasses/F21 (mine, haha)

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All from various sources, including lookbook, chictopia, garance dore and many others. None of my photos.











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wonderboy of the fashion world: jean-paul paula = strong silhouette (and pretty much everything else). all images via easy fashion.

Image hébergée par Casimages.com : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

Image hébergée par Casimages.com : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

Image hébergée par Casimages.com : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

his blog

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started out so clean and pretty

now all hot and sweaty

makeup smeared, mind astray

slouch down on the couch and fling your heels away

lean back and rest your head

for just a minute

and let you thoughts wash away

and bask in the bliss of après fête.


~ r

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