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Oui, c’est vrai: après une décennie au Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld s’est partie. What will happen with Vogue Paris now? She’s been breaking into new (relatively) territory for a decade now, pushing limits, inspiring thousands of fashion devotees with her personal style as well as her direction of the magazine… I won’t delve into the whole thing myself, but here’s a link for a summary of some of the 100+ editorials and covers that have graced the pages of Vogue Paris with Carine Roitfeld at the helm.

Carine then…

…and now…

…a veritable legacy not only in Vogue Paris, but in all of fashion, I dare say. But perhaps the question isn’t what will become of Vogue Paris, but what will Carine set out to do…?

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Sounds like a bad 80s band, but no. This article from ESPN:

“Following the Yankees’ loss to the New York Mets on Friday night, Lady Gaga talked her way past security and into the Yankees’ clubhouse. She reportedly met with some players, including Robinson Cano. The media, which is supposed to be allowed into the clubhouse 10 minutes after the final pitch, was held out.”

And her outfit: baseball stripes – and not much else (as is her way).

Lady Gaga

I would make a joke about bases here, but I like to maintain some semblance of dignity (sometimes).

You’d think that with it being summer and all, I’d have loads of time to peruse the blogs, keep up with the shows (I totally missed resort and menswear somehow, AGH!), do outfit posts and all that jazz – but no. This is unquestionably the MOST BUSY SUMMER I’ve ever had. Let’s see what I’m up to, shall we?

1. Trying to run at least 350 miles in the summer (we have a club) and do a half marathon (coming up on July 5!)
2. Trying to test out of PreCalc (involving much studying – granted, I haven’t been doing too much math yet… but I will, oh, I will…)
3. Trying to test out of French III/IV – again. (Last year, I missed the test by about 7%, which sucked, but whatever. I want to be in AP French next year! And it’s really not hard.)
4. Learning Italian (to some extent) on LiveMocha. (Really a fun little side thing I’m trying with a couple other friends. Not too much grammar backing on there, but good for actual Italian feedback.)
5. AP English logs. (Four books, double entry journals. ‘Nuff said, I think.)
6. Finishing writing my book. (I haven’t been writing for months and I’m suffering withdrawal. Plus, that means little to no progress, which means NO BOOK YET. Sigh.)
7. Figuring out Where To Go To College and What To Do With My Life. (self-explanatory)
8. Being unemployed (and therefore broke, most of the time. Good for time management, bad for car/college/clothes/social life funding).
9. Reading the books I want to (Zen & The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance,  Les Miserables, and others)

So you see how blogging easily gets pushed down on the list… sadly… but it’s just not priority right now. Weird, though, isn’t it – that I have way more time to waste online during the school year than in summer, when I’m doing self-motivated work? Hmm…

Off to do some math. Yippee. Have a good summer, everyone! (Unless you’re in the southern hemisphere, in which case… well, don’t.)

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So before last night, I’d never watched any sort of awards ceremony before – Academy Awards, Grammys, Tony, Oscars… nothing. Just glanced at the dresses. But last night I came up (from watching National Treasure) and it was on, so I watched. Dresses!

2010 Grammy Awards Style

Beyonce. Not a fan of the sleeves on this. I love the on she performed in, though.

Heidi Klum in Pucci.

Marisa Miller in vintage Gucci.

Lady Gaga in custom Armani Prive. The dress & shoes (Nina Ricci) are… fine, but her face and wig – something went badly awry there, I think, in terms of makeup…

For a complete slideshow, click HERE.

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I’ve grown to be a fan of Law & Order (SVU in particular), mostly because it’s always on when I get home from school and hop on the treadmill because I’ve been a lazy butt, which I’m ok with, because it’s been under twenty degrees for about two months now. So. The episode airs March 1 and features Mischa playing a sad prostitute. Read NYmag’s article here.

Christopher Meloni on set – “Hey, check out this comically sized camera!”

“I mean, who needs a camera this big? Seriously!”

ischa Barton.

My friend has that Lennon biography – I skimmed it and now I want it.

Off to wrap up my final article for news staff… due at midnight tonight… What? Procrastinating? Who, me? Never. Pffft. I *definitely* didn’t just start today…

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Ah, the 70s… ignoring Vietnam (unlikely), one of my favorite decades. Huston: actress, model, director, icon. Read more about her here and here. Personally, I love her hair and face – I’m not familiar with her work, acting or directing or otherwise. I came across her name in a Vogue article about Halston – she was mentioned as doing something dramatic at the end of a runway. I couldn’t find that image, but these… the first two are my favorites. I love the hair and hats of the 70s…

womens fashion

anjelica-1.jpg image by Cfairless

1974 – Huston and Manolo Blahnik

womens fashion

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Love him… See them all here.

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Wow. Sure, photoshop can be good, but I have a feeling someone‘s getting chewed out for this in a big way, if not fired.  O_O

Notice the distinct lack of the rest of her leg. Oops. A few other images from the otherwise good Burberry SS2010 campaign, shot by Mario Testino:

Oh, the guy in the first image is her brother, Alex Watson. Just FYI. The other three:  George Craig, Matt Gilmour, and Max Hurd.

And here’s the behind-the-scenes video:

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