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Inspired by fashion week so far (I don’t have the time or patience, honestly, to do a FW-FW11 post, sorry!), I did an old-fashion Let’s Play Dress-up… good fun.

Yes, the photo quality is HORRIBLE – I was home alone and my Nikon was charging, so I was left with Little Nikon and basically no light. But there you have it. It’s been kind of discouraging this year in terms of wearing Actual Clothes to school for two reasons:

1. Not caring.

2. I can’t wear heels nearly as often because my hip is (and has been for a while) messed up, and wearing heels only exacerbates the problem and slows the already annoyingly long healing process. That, and my feet are bigger/are different sizes, so a lot of my heels aren’t nearly as comfy as they used to be. Sad but true facts of life here, people. Anyway, because I can’t really wear heels, and because I’m short, the majority of my non-jeans wardrobe is off limits (skirts, dresses, pants – all out). A major pain.

Righto. Off to read. (Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions – I recommend it.)

~ r


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Today was a hectic-ish day… an interview-ee showed up at the wrong hour, taking away twenty unplanned minutes of French whilst we wandered around the halls, searching for the other student who needed to talk to him (who failed to leave her last name, very professional…) Luckily, I was able to get a pass from the office, so I wasn’t marked absent. Also luckily, I was dressed especially sprucily today, donning my little brother’s old blazer in a flash of inspiration: “Wait! My shoulders are bare! I will get shot if Principal sees me! … oh look, a blazer!” And out the door went I.

It was SO COLD taking these. I opted to leave off my coat (the leopard print, even though it *is* fun) and gloves, so I was more or less freezing. Add to that the fact that these boots are in no way, shape or form waterproof (aka snowproof), my toes were wet as well. Aka, not too fun. But the lighting was pretty good.

blazer – little brother’s, vintage
tunic – ON
jeans – JCP
boots – gojane
rings, belt – vint
necklace – claire’s
earrings – f21

I need to do my nails…

~ r

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Feeling the 80s vibe, channeling The Edge/U2 with this bowler (H&M), which I debated over and questioned and considered for a few weeks before buying, and even then, I left the tags on for a week or so before finally taking the Purchase Plunge of Buyer’s Commitment (a fashionista’s best friend and archenemy rolled into one).

In other plunge-taking news, I finally got around to getting on weardrobe… because I’m just that on top of things…

This outfit has kind of a weird mix of 80s/Victorian/western feel to it, for me… but I like it. Kind of an obscure mix. I employed my dad as photographer – usually it’s my little brother, who I’ve brainwashed (teehee) into being stylish too. So it was kind of weird, posing all funky with my dad behind the lens. But whatever it takes, right? We dashed outside for maybe five minutes to take these – it was all we had for two reasons. (1) The sun was rapidly sinking behind the treeline and houses, casting their elongated shadows on the sparkling blue-white snow that covers the ground (and will until about April), giving us very little light (hence the not-quite-in-focus-ness and somewhat funky lighting). Also, (2), it was about twenty degrees with a pretty stiff wind. Should’ve thrown on some gloves…

Bowler, coat – H&M
maxi dress – target
boots – UO
rings and necklace – vintage

^ me being dumb ^  😀  you get that a lot, actually. But life is much more fun that way.

Off to write. Ciao!

~ r

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The wind woke me up this morning at 8:30. Not because it was blowing outside (though it was, harsh and whippy and freezing and sounding very much like winter), but because a few icy wisps were streaking through the minute crack between the bottom of the window and the sill. I had to crawl out of bed and stuff tissues in the crack to try to stop it, but the damage was done. My pillow (which lies directly under said sill) was frigid and I was very much awake. Upon checking the weather, I confirmed my suspicions that it was effing FREEZING at -4 degrees.

I am getting very, very tired of winter. Christmas and NYE are gone, and so should the snow and ice and slush. And wind.

SO. Such cold weather calls for desperate measures – leopard-printed measures from H&M and 5″ Steve Maddens (with platform – perfect for evading slush and road salt!). And a bunch of rings. And that great yellow bag A got me from Aldo for Christmas/my birthday (love you!).

Right hand, from top: F21, others vintage

From left: AE (I suspect – it was another gift), vint, F21, and vint

Little brother…

Off to freeze.

~ r

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10.10 // to the max

As I’ve nothing better to do, being inside sick and all, I messed around with this maroon maxi dress I got at Target a while ago… and oh, my lovely fur (faux) vest too. It’s one of those deceptively nice days – the sun is shining, the sky is blue… the kind that makes you feel guilty for sitting inside (even if you are sick. again). But then when you look at the thermometer it reads 48 degrees… so you stay inside.
Except for taking outfit pictures. 😛

xhiliration vest - Mossimo dress - belt - payless shoes - socks

xhiliration vest - Mossimo dress - belt - payless shoes - socks

xhiliration vest - Mossimo dress - belt - payless shoes - socks

dress, vest – target
belt – charlotte russe
shoes – payless
necklace – vint
earrings – f21

~ r

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Spent a good deal of today taking pictures (and writing)…

Not that I was bored or anything…  😛

~ r

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In an amazing sweep of miscommunication by our XC coach…

My alarm went off at 6:20. I quickly (groggily) turned it off and wondered, deep in the shadowy recesses of my mind, why the hell my alarm was going off. Then it came to me: cross country. 7 am. 15 minutes away. And I was giving B a ride. Damn.

I slept for another 5, then dragged my sore and weary self out of the warm comfort of my blankets. I pulled on sweats (I slept in my running stuff to save time and to ensure that I wouldn’t accidentally throw on, say, dress pants instead of shorts in my early morning fog), found my flips, and headed out the door. I picked B up and finally figured out how to turn off the windshield wipers as we pulled into the parking lot of the elementary school we were meeting at. We sleepily made faces at our friends in the car next to us; we wait in there until the last possible second so we don’t freeze.

Around 6:55, we started looking around for our coach. Usually he’s there about 5 minutes early, which means we have to leave our cars. We were thrilled that he wasn’t there.

At 7, we wondered a little.

At 7:05, we were confused. B and I called K and A one car over. A got out and talked to some other poor souls who were waiting outside cars. She came back with bad news:
Practice was, in fact, at 8 am, not 7. And it was at the high school, not here.

Cue mass swearing and cursing our coach for lack of communication.
So we texted him, telling him we were here and were going to run. The main group took off and ran… I dunno, 7? 8? A and I went our own way, being injured, and ran a whopping 3 miles to the bakery, where we split a glazed donut. After we got back, our coach showed up with 3 boxes of donuts. We helped ourselves (after carefully wiping away any telltale leftover glaze bits).

Oh, and around 8:30, the rest of the team showed up for practice.

Ah, cross country, a wonderful thing.

In other news, a couple days ago I decided to play Parisienne in the cliche stripes + beret + skinnies. Donc… voici…

ouais, je porte les stripes cliche...


beret – target
stripes – ON
jean – JCP
bottes – payless
cardi – F21
colliers – vint

I’m exhausted. And both my hips and my knees are still hurting, so I’m not to run or bike or ANYTHING all weekend. Sigh. (No sarcasm, either).

Avez un bon jour!
~ r

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