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Firstly, happy Day After St. Patrick’s day! Yes, I was lazy yesterday and didn’t post – but only because I ran 8 miles (! although we stopped for ice cream at mile 4) and had family celebrations to attend to.
And hey, I started this, but didn’t finish it, so it’ll be another day delayed. Although I’ll just post it later… so there’s no point in typing this.  Oh well. (Bedtime).

And hey, it’s Thursday! My stupid quad is messed up after only a few weeks of running. Blech. OK, time to finish this silly post.

Secondly, the E-word (economy!).
Yesterday on the way to school, I was listening to NPR’s Marketplace (6:51-6:59, every day. No music for me!  :P) and heard a report about a recent survey done, asking if people thought the economy was doing badly. Surprise, surprise, 97% replied that yes, it was bad.

I have to wonder about the 3% who said it wasn’t. I figure they’re either the super-rich and self-centered, the super-rich and ignorant, or the ignorant in general. (Maybe 1% from each category, or some unfortunate combination of all? Who knows.)

Next: The AIG $160 million bonuses scandal. Funny quote related to that (from the Daily Show, some random guy):

“Those guys should get the Nobel Peace Prize for EVIL.” I was laughing so hard. Another funny Daily Show quote…

Jon (to Ian McShane of NBC’s new ‘KINGS’ program): “So I rather like the idea, the US with a monarch… we’ve come quite close in the past.”

Ian: “Yes, the difference is I’m articulate.’ OOOoooooohhh! Haha. Even after he’s gone (thank god), Bush is still getting hit. Good.

Back to the economy. Yes, we all know that AIG is responsible for innumberable amounts of taxpayers’ money, and at first glance we think – espeically after receiving some $180 billion in government stimulus money – that $160 million in bonuses is ridiculous and outrageous and amazing self-centered of those AIG bastards.
But wait!
Most people don’t realize that the people who are still at AIG aren’t the criminal weasels that stole all the money, but are in fact ridiculously hardworking, honest people who are trying to straighten out the whole thing. The bonuses are for them because they’re working themselves out of a job, practically.

In good economy news (weird, right?):

“The chief executive, Edward M. Liddy, made the announcement during his testimony on Wednesday afternoon before a Congressional committee investigating the problems at the insurance giant.

“I have asked the employees of A.I.G. Financial Products to step up and do the right thing,” Mr. Liddy told lawmakers. “Specifically, I have asked those who received retention payments of $100,000 or more to return at least half of those payments.”

The A.I.G. chief said that some recipients had already offered to give up all of their bonuses, and he added later that he expected to get most of the money back.” [NYT].     So yeah. Hopefully it’ll work.

Ok, enough of that: moving on to fashion. Yay.

Valentino‘s movie, ‘The Last Emperor’, hit theatres in the US yesterday. Eeeeep! While he’s officially out of fashion (although some rumors have been circulating about his contributing to the Valentino Fall 2009 line, as well as possibly designing for opera), it’s still satisfying to see him around. He’ll never – perish the thought! – be forgotten.


Next on the agenda is Marc’s engagement… awwwww! They’re headed down to Martone’s native San Paolo to meet the ‘rents.

Marc Jacobs & Lorenzo Martone [Fabsugar.com]
Again, awwwwwwww!

Rodarte’s “first” ad campaign is out:

rodarte    ad.jpg

Ah, the diamond cut-out leggings. Mmm.
But wait! Rodarte’s had another campaign before this…

actual rodarte ad.jpg

This ad ran in the Fall issue of Anthem magazine… So yeah. Just saying. [Fashionista]

Yes, we all know Jil Sander is going to lend a helping hand (so to speak) at Uniqlo.

Liya Kebede is the first model to have an exclusive in the J. Crew catalogue. Hmm.

click to preview

More at FashionWeekDaily.com

Check out these amazing boots. Mmm. From Easy Fashion – something about a bomb alert. Always fun.

Image hébergée par Casimages.com : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

From AltaMira NYC. Love that scarf & bag.

And just because:
Leighton Meester’s Reebok ads. A bit random, doncha think? I mean, when have you seen her not wear heels? (This coming from me, who keeps track of celebs like she keeps track of, say, her coat which she left in the band room yesterday or her cell phone she left at home the day before). But still, I don’t think it matches her style/aesthetic/reputation. You be the judge. (Sounds like a reality TV show – You Be The Judge. Agh. Reality TV pretty much irritates the socks off me. It’s all so overdone, overacted – even though it’s reality tv – and, above all, catty. Take: ANTM, Running in Heels, American Idol, umm… I’m running out of reality shows… even those home makeover shows can get catty. i.e.: “Oh my gawwwd, that designer lady is sooo pushy and SUCH a b*&(@!'”, etc. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like the quality of TV has really degraded over time. Although if you love all things British – particularly satirical, sarcastic comedies involving one ever-drunk Irishman who hates his book shop and his “barely humanoid, milk-fed gimp” shop assistant, Manny, equally, and puts up with his friend Fran. It’s hilarious. Sadly, it died in 2006 and there were only 18 episodes ever made. *sigh*. All good things must come to an end, I suppose. Anyway.)

(Oh, that show is called Black Books, which I only just realised I forgot to put in that whole little rant. Ok, back to fashiony things.)

Where was I? Oh yes, Leighton and her (infamous?) Reebok ad.

via Fabsugar.com.

One of the top models this season, Anja Rubik, seems capable of pulling off anything – this goes from $20,000 dresses to…
a jeweled skeleton hand?

Also via Fabsugar, which has had some cool RSS feeds popping up. Agh, I have over 300 to check up on when I got back from my run… I admit I skimmed.

Haha, this is so long. Maybe you need a break.

*cheesy-60’s-organ-music-filled- INTERMISSION, Holy Grail-style*

Roight, that’s enough of that. Entirely too much silliness. (If you haven’t watched Monty Python, you haven’t lived. See immediately:

Airplane Pilots (in the How To Irritate People episode). Oh wait, why don’t I just stick it in here? Lovely thing, the internet.

The Spanish Inquisition

Cheese Shop

Exploding Penguin

Ah, Monty Python. (Haha, I definitely typed ‘Pythong’ the first time. Skill.)

Well, this is dragging out a bit. Pardon-moi pendant je mange le diner. Yum.

*another Monty Python-style INTERMISSION*

Yumm, pasta is good. OK, I’ll wrap this up pretty soon. But first, some cool plant architecture:

The cubist towers at the show.

Cubist flowers at the New York Botanical Garden, courtesy of TheMoment.

…and a bit of controversial (so what else is new?) Lady Gaga style. But this time, it’s not for indecency:
Lady Gaga bubble outfit

“The pop sensation Lady GaGa may have just started her “Fame Ball” tour, but we’ve already got a case of fashion plagiarism on our hands. We’ve known about her penchant for wearing big-shouldered blazers with no pants — à la Maison Martin Margiela — but this latest bubbly ensemble is nearly identical to a Hussein Chalayan number from a few years back. Check out GaGa’s outfit and then take a look at the original from Chalayan’s Spring 2007 runway show. Maybe she banks on the fact that her fan base doesn’t keep up with fashion the way we do. But if GaGa, who says she takes her fashion cues from nobody but herself, is going to wax poetic about being an “artist” in a sea of pop drones, we couldn’t help but burst her bubble.”  – TheMoment

Hmm, can I scrounge up anything else?

I’m sure I could, but I’ve got history and AmLit to do, so… ciao!

~ r


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