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The wind woke me up this morning at 8:30. Not because it was blowing outside (though it was, harsh and whippy and freezing and sounding very much like winter), but because a few icy wisps were streaking through the minute crack between the bottom of the window and the sill. I had to crawl out of bed and stuff tissues in the crack to try to stop it, but the damage was done. My pillow (which lies directly under said sill) was frigid and I was very much awake. Upon checking the weather, I confirmed my suspicions that it was effing FREEZING at -4 degrees.

I am getting very, very tired of winter. Christmas and NYE are gone, and so should the snow and ice and slush. And wind.

SO. Such cold weather calls for desperate measures – leopard-printed measures from H&M and 5″ Steve Maddens (with platform – perfect for evading slush and road salt!). And a bunch of rings. And that great yellow bag A got me from Aldo for Christmas/my birthday (love you!).

Right hand, from top: F21, others vintage

From left: AE (I suspect – it was another gift), vint, F21, and vint

Little brother…

Off to freeze.

~ r


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