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10.10 // to the max

As I’ve nothing better to do, being inside sick and all, I messed around with this maroon maxi dress I got at Target a while ago… and oh, my lovely fur (faux) vest too. It’s one of those deceptively nice days – the sun is shining, the sky is blue… the kind that makes you feel guilty for sitting inside (even if you are sick. again). But then when you look at the thermometer it reads 48 degrees… so you stay inside.
Except for taking outfit pictures. 😛

xhiliration vest - Mossimo dress - belt - payless shoes - socks

xhiliration vest - Mossimo dress - belt - payless shoes - socks

xhiliration vest - Mossimo dress - belt - payless shoes - socks

dress, vest – target
belt – charlotte russe
shoes – payless
necklace – vint
earrings – f21

~ r


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Yeah, I should’ve gone to bed about 55 minutes ago, but I got distracted… the new clothes hanging on my doors were irresistible. Despite the heat and humidity, I threw on my new buttery soft grey turtleneck and this cute little fur collar I got today over a black lace corset. (Something about the corset being hidden under such an innocuous piece, the grey turtleneck, makes me giggle. Teehee. That‘s one article of clothing my dad definitely won’t reimburse me for…)

The weather today was definitely not summer weather. In fact, it seemed to be mocking all us poor suckers who are legally bound to dive back into the drudgery and tedium of school life. The only good thing about this time of year is… you guessed it!… the clothes. The delicious sweaters, the skirts and tights, the boots… I don’t know if it’s just fashion-obsessed ladies or girls in general, but it seems to me that the clothes make going back to school worth it. I know that it’s not just me who tries on fall stuff in the middle of July and envisions herself crunching through leaves in soft brown vintage leather boots while the fall sunlight perfectly highlights her hair… There’s something magical about the combination of fall weather and fall clothes. It fits so perfectly. The weather is comfortable to wear stuff in: summer, it can easily be too hot or sticky, and winter can just be too damn cold, especially in Michigan. Spring’s pretty good, just tends to be slushy. So fall is perfect.

As you may have ascertained, I went shopping today – in F21, I took  in about 20 things, came out with four: a Pink Floyd tee (I know, I actually bought a tee shirt. Weird. But it’s Pink Floyd.), a black lace corset (teehee), grey harem pants (that are ridiculously soft and comfy!), and a lovely gaudy gold flower ring. Grabbed my turtleneck and fur collar at H&M, and resisted a $60 fur vest… it wasn’t quite the perfect one I’m looking for (ridiculously puffy blonde Mongolian fur).

Sorry the pictures are complete crap…



crop top – UO
jeans – target
boots – gojane
hat – f21
necklace – vint

Haha I’m up way too late. Oh well. Getting up at 5:50 tomorrow, an hour less of sleep won’t make much difference at this point… I”m going to drag myself from 7:30 to 10:45, then take the bus home and most likely go back to sleep until XC. Haha. Damn. School. Night.

~ r

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Spent a good deal of today taking pictures (and writing)…

Not that I was bored or anything…  😛

~ r

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In an amazing sweep of miscommunication by our XC coach…

My alarm went off at 6:20. I quickly (groggily) turned it off and wondered, deep in the shadowy recesses of my mind, why the hell my alarm was going off. Then it came to me: cross country. 7 am. 15 minutes away. And I was giving B a ride. Damn.

I slept for another 5, then dragged my sore and weary self out of the warm comfort of my blankets. I pulled on sweats (I slept in my running stuff to save time and to ensure that I wouldn’t accidentally throw on, say, dress pants instead of shorts in my early morning fog), found my flips, and headed out the door. I picked B up and finally figured out how to turn off the windshield wipers as we pulled into the parking lot of the elementary school we were meeting at. We sleepily made faces at our friends in the car next to us; we wait in there until the last possible second so we don’t freeze.

Around 6:55, we started looking around for our coach. Usually he’s there about 5 minutes early, which means we have to leave our cars. We were thrilled that he wasn’t there.

At 7, we wondered a little.

At 7:05, we were confused. B and I called K and A one car over. A got out and talked to some other poor souls who were waiting outside cars. She came back with bad news:
Practice was, in fact, at 8 am, not 7. And it was at the high school, not here.

Cue mass swearing and cursing our coach for lack of communication.
So we texted him, telling him we were here and were going to run. The main group took off and ran… I dunno, 7? 8? A and I went our own way, being injured, and ran a whopping 3 miles to the bakery, where we split a glazed donut. After we got back, our coach showed up with 3 boxes of donuts. We helped ourselves (after carefully wiping away any telltale leftover glaze bits).

Oh, and around 8:30, the rest of the team showed up for practice.

Ah, cross country, a wonderful thing.

In other news, a couple days ago I decided to play Parisienne in the cliche stripes + beret + skinnies. Donc… voici…

ouais, je porte les stripes cliche...


beret – target
stripes – ON
jean – JCP
bottes – payless
cardi – F21
colliers – vint

I’m exhausted. And both my hips and my knees are still hurting, so I’m not to run or bike or ANYTHING all weekend. Sigh. (No sarcasm, either).

Avez un bon jour!
~ r

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It was warmer today, in the 70s (still chilly for the first days of September, but hey, I’ll take it). Our first XC meet is tomorrow and I am sort of freaking out… I timed myself at 22:17 (5k, with no inhaler) a few days ago, and I’m hoping that if I use my inhaler I’ll avoid totally dying at the end. But our home course has a couple little/biggish hills, so it’ll be interesting to see how that works out… I’m nervously excited and anxious, which is a complete 180 from last year, when I totally dreaded meets and racing. I think the difference is that this year I actually want to try and to do well and am willing to put in the effort.

Wore today:

9.2 // starting september off right




shirt – older brother’s
belt – younger brother’s
shorts – UO
shoes – gojane
bracelet – some art fair
sunnies – mom’s 70s vint 😀

Then there was this little guy under the bird feeder… morbidly ironic, I feel…

under the bird feeder by you.

So yeah. Going to read Anna Karenina for a bit, then go to sleep early again (9:30 last night!). Wish me luck!

~ r

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We’ve had some very fallish weather the last two or three days, and I’ve liked it. Today I had a little mini-shoot with my brother…

jesse-01 by you.

jesse-02 by you.
^ that’s my favourite, I think ^

DSC_0061resize by you.

quelle heur est-il? by you.

DSC_0199resize by you.

DSC_0156resize by you.

DSC_0214resize by you.

on me: dress/ON, top/ON, hat/target, shoes/gojane, glasses/F21, necklace/vint, socks/target.
on jesse: tee/?, pants/ON, glasses/F21 (mine, haha)

~ r

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I just got back from a veritable war zone – babysitting for my neighbor’s three boys (plus a puppy). This begs the question: why do people have kids, knowing that that’s what they’re in for? Sleepless nights, endless shrieking, always working…? Doesn’t sound fun. I told her (upon her arrival home) that I’d probaby just get some cats or something. Kids, not so much.
She asked if I’d be back, and I smiled and said yes, of course I would – but if it were anyone but her, I don’t think I would. It’s not that her kids are bad; they youngest was just very, very energetic and awake (and young – not even 2). It’s just not my cup of tea.

People say fate’s a bitch, but so is the Queen of Bad Haircuts. Yes, I got my hair cut today. It’s not bad per se, it’s just shorter than I’d like. It’s still long, but not as long as before (which tends to happen at haircuts). I have yet to experiment in all the ways my hair behaves… today was the hydrate/gel/scrunch routine (curly, but not really my type of curly – I like more loose, easy, natural curls nearing tendrilly waves; these were sort of gel-shiny and tight). LeRoy (my stylist)(hair cutter person, whatever) and I joked about getting my hair bleached blonde and permed into 80s hair; a pretty 30-something vehemently objected, not knowing we were only joking. “Don’t let her do it!” she interjected from under the dryer.

Sooo yeah. That was my day. Super exciting. No run, no biking, no abs, no weights… a total fatty day. I had ice cream at lunch and some ranch chips while I was babysitting. Yumm.


my Terminator/literal femme fatale look. Yup.

~ r

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