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I’ve been on a Poison binge lately – the band, that is; you wouldn’t get very far on a poison binge unless either (a) you have a mega immune system, (b) you binge in very very small amounts, or (c) you die. At any rate, I’m feeling very 80s-glam-hair-metal-bands (and 90s, but not really grunge), and that means big hair, leather, bright colors… GNR, Poison, Aerosmith, Def Lep, etc. The works. Now, most people – average people – find it difficult to pull off leather pants. Leather skirt, possibly. (Though I highly doubt my parents would approve… a laughable thought if I ever had one). Band tees, though, can work. Done right. Big hair? To an extent. Big jackets, heels, bodycon… all of this is acceptable. (Relatively speaking, of course).

StyleScout – Mr. Funkadelic.

Garance Dore – Giambattista Valli suit. Gorgeous.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear
Marc Jacobs FW09 – Kasia Struss.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear
Hannelore Knuts.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear
Maryna Linchuk. And velvet – love me some velvet (for fall, and maybe some lighter shades for spring, before it gets too warm).

Louis Vuitton Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear
Louis Vuitton FW2009 – Tanya Dziahileva.

Louis Vuitton Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear
Hannah Rundlof.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear
Louis Vuitton SS2009 – Suvi Koponen. 80s hair.

I’d post more, but I have to sleep… chem test tomorrow… ugh. Why do teachers insist on cramming in as many tests and quizzes and labs just before break – “SB-oh-10,” as it’s lovingly called by my (kind of dumb, but funny) classmates – when we’re all obviously at our least focused. *Sigh* Such is the life of an unemployed high schooler. Night, world.

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Just saw this on style.com:
“12 reason why 2010 will be great” (or something). No. 1: “it can’t be worse than 2009”.
You’d like to think that, but who knows? Just kidding. I’m an optimist – a realistic optimist, I suppose. A reluctantly grounded optimist. But I digress.

I have found myself without much inspiration of late – perhaps brought on by the persistently disgustingly frigid, frozen, windswept, freezingly burningly icily cold weather that has been ravaging the distant land known as Antarctica. Oh wait, I’m in Michigan. It’s a moot point at this junction, I feel. Back to inspiration.

I haven’t had much of it – in editorials, blogs, books… nada. Then I rediscovered the wonderful world of obscenely sequins, too-tight leather, big makeup and bigger hair. Yes, I’m talking about the 80s, and not the so-called 80s fashion revival that has come (and gone? Not quite yet.) I mean the real McCoy. I love – love – watching all those 80s music videos: Poison, Autograph, GNR, Def Lep, you name it (as long as it’s good). I can do anything from Iron Maiden to Bon Jovi to U2 (yeah, they were 80s too). And we can’t forget AC/DC, can we? No, ‘twould be sacrilege. I think that’s the first time AC/DC, ‘twould, and sacrilege have been used in the same sentence, ever.

Ah, the ostentatiousocity of it all. What a decade. Not that I was there.

I feel like I just need to get my act (and wardrobe) together and face the winter chicly, you know, not just boots + jeans + cute layers + scarf/ves + MASSIVE earring + no less than 4 rings, always. Rings are my thing, very much so. I have about twenty and I love them all.   🙂

So, aside from the 80s, what have I been looking at? (to end inappropriately with a preposition).

The always stylish Jane… I wish I could do the whole tights-shorts thing, but it’s just not feasible up here.  :/

Karla’s YSLs… love the shape up the heel and platform.

Rings and simplicity (and beauty) at HautePursuit.


kind of 20s-esque (though not quite as boyish as was popular then), demurely sexy.

Louise Ebel Pandora

For a while now I’ve had an image in my mind of the perfect caplet/coat… thing. With a huge, cosy hood for hiding and snuggling, a swishy fun short capelet and some sweet vintage buttons down the front… mmm. Still have to make it, though.  :/


This coat on ModCloth caught my eye, primarily for the capelet – screams Victorian era! at me, which I love. At $140, though…  :/

I’ll do a proper inspiration collage sometime soon… for now, though, chem and nomenclature call my name. UGH.

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Gah. I’m having one of those bopping-listlessly-around-the-house sorts of days… I’ve biked 25 miles so far and might run a little, but that’s what’s making me depressed – my injury/lack of improvement despite running pretty much daily. Urrghhh.

Anyway, here’s a little collage I cobbled together a few days ago chock full of fall inspiration. Enjoy  🙂

~ r

PS: I am really starting to hate painting porches.

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Editors, icons, celebs, and fashionistas were presented not with a runway show in Paris, but an 8-minute, black and white avante garde film filled with eery music and voluminous wisps of thick black smoke. [Natasa Vojnovic, the only model for Gareth Pugh, writhed, danced, and was otherwise unable-to-tear-your-eyes-away-from]

Of the clothes? Leather thigh-high boots, claw- or talon- like; a huge Moncler puffy jacket; long, trailing, sheer trains; absolutely huge skirts.

Gorgeous. Amazing. Genius. Breathtaking.
If this was a book, it’d be a page-turner.

Watch this now.

My mind is still reeling.

~ r

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For starters, look at this crazy layered knittish jacket from Stockholm:

And I’m loving the huge, cosy knit scarf. Mmm. (Although we’ve had a HGUE heat wave here – it went up to almost 50 yesterday, and today it was 45… hence, no jackets!!! Seriously, I am so excited, even though in a few days it will return to its nasty weather patterns and my hopes for Spring will be dashed to the slushy ground.)

Parka from Berlin fashion week (Still in Berlin photo). Loving it (and, of course, those crazy patterned socks/tights/leggings and shoes).

Peace to you too (in red, white, and blue. and brown. and black.) Photo from Still in Berlin.

All 3 from altamira.

Dang, this was going to be a good post but it sort of died, sorry. I had to finish my AmLit insight to Jonathan Edwards’ ranting, hellish sermons. Super fun, right?


Look du nuit (parce que il n’est pas jour anymore!):

Christian Lacroix Haute Couture // Spring 2009

Avez une bonne jour!

~ r

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Well, it’s good to know that after I run, I can throw on fishnets and heels under my sweats and still be stylish… according to this editorial, anyway.


Great photo at any rate. VOGUE Paris, I think… judging by the French.

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I really like these two photos from The Sartorialist:

Love his coat and pants and shoes and socks and glove/handwarmers… agh. Why can’t guys here dress like this?

She does menswear to a T. Perfection.

Oh, I want to make some pants like this; grey, and add a zipper cinching thing above the ankle (here it’s just a band of some sort, but it gave me the idea) –

All images via The Sartorialist.

~ r

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